Honeymoon in Ireland


Honeymoon in Ireland
When you mention the word honeymoon your mind always forms up images of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean or white sand beaches in Hawaii. The newly wed wanting to veer off the beaten path for this once in a lifetime vacation should look no further than the Emerald site. A flight from Dublin from New York only takes 6 1/2 hours. You may not find the sunshine on this island. You will be transported into a misty land of double rainbows arching towards craggy cliff, fairy tales overlooking cobalt-hued lakes and cozy pubs where storytelling is even a bigger pastime than sipping Guinness.

Dublin for couples
Dublin is a walkable city with plenty of things to do yet it always feels nice and not overwhelming. The rich history of Dublin is always displayed in its classic Georgian architecture when you take a stroll down the city street. You will be able to taste the farm to table movement sweeping the nation when you are eating in on of the trendy organic restaurants and feel dubious poetic side with its diverse art, literary and music scenes.


Sleep at the Merion
The Duke of wellington’s birthplace has been transformed into an amazing five-star hotel which features Georgian architecture and the famous 18th-century style gardens that exude old world charm. The honeymoon couples can cozy up in front of a crackling fire near the drawings rooms for the lavish afternoon tea or soak together in the marbled bathroom tub with glass of champagne. The famous Merion is just but just a bit away from St.stephen green from where you honeymoon couple can watch while having a romantic picnic in the park.

Eat at Restaurant Patrick guibaud
If you are the foodie’s type of couple the Michelin star restaurant is the place to eat in Dublin. The ever tasteful modern décor and attentive staff always contribute to the gourmet experience just as much as eating contemporary Irish meal with French twist. If you are planning to go on a honeymoon then Ireland is the place to be, even for those who are in a marriage planning a trip to such place will easily rekindles the lost or dying passion.



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